September 13, 2005

by Damon Martin
The latest welterweight elimination fight saw two of the top competitors go head to head when what many people called the best grappler on the show in Joe Stevenson go up against the best striker in Marcus Davis.

An early slam and takedown from Stevenson landed Davis on his back and unfortunately he was unable to escape and the second welterweight fight on the show sent “The Irish Hand Grenade” home. Now, Marcus Davis catches up with MMAWeekly about his experience on the show and what’s next for him.

MMAWeekly: So tell us a little bit about the fight, what happened afterwords and basically your experience on the show.

Marcus Davis: Well, after the fight they brought me back to the warm up room and Dana White came in and removed all the camera men and everybody that had followed me into the warm-up room and told them that he needed to speak to me alone and closed the door. He just came over to me and said ‘Marcus, listen I didn’t want to tell you this before the fight but Sean Darby passed away, died in his sleep’ about a week before that day. Sean was a guy that I had known since I was 14 years old and talked me into going into amateur boxing, and we just beat the hell out of each other in my backyard with the old Franklin gloves, you know the ones you can get from Toys R Us?

We used to put those on and beat each other up in the backyard, so from the time we we’re 14 until I was 32, he was involved in my whole fighting career. Everytime I fought, I made sure he was in my corner, cause what had happened is he was fighting too, and then he was diagnosed with Crohn’s and he was forced to stop fighting. But after they had said that, the team came in, we all said our goodbyes. I still talk to everybody, I just talked to Joe (Stevenson) the other day, I talk to Jorge all the time. Jorge and I really close still, and I know a lot of people are thinking that Jorge kind of used me, like he said their were two guys that were better than him at certain things, Joe Stevenson, better grappler, me, better stand-up guy. A lot of guys think he used me, he didn’t use me. He’s my friend and he’s legitimately my friend. If he was using me we wouldn’t have stayed in touch. Just the way things worked out. I really thought I would catch Joe with timing, or catch him on a shot. I was working on my sprawl and guys were having a tough time taking me down. And I thought I was going to be able to pull it off. I just didn’t want to over commit to any punches and stayed on the outside and I didn’t want him to suck me in and get me close to the cage. You take those chances.

MMAWeekly: Tell us about your injury after the fight and how you’re recuperating?

Marcus Davis: When Joe slammed me it separated my shoulder. And they told me that I had to have the MRI done, but there were no tears and they said it would take 8 weeks to heal basically. So it’s been about 12 weeks and it still hasn’t healed. It’s better than it was when it happened but I’m having difficulty performing and doing things that I used to do in fighting. It’s taken away my lead hand and hooking off of that lead. On the ground, it’s taken away my ability to post. It’s hard to be on that shoulder.

MMAWeekly: There was talk about retirement, are we going to get to see you fight again?

Marcus Davis: Yeah, definitely. I don’t know if it’s going to be for the UFC, but I hope so. I would love to fight for them, but there’s no guarantee they’re going to do just what they did with the first season. I don’t know what’s going to happen, they haven’t told me anything. I just have to sit patiently by with my fingers crossed that I’ll get the chance to perform once in the octagon in the UFC.

Marcus Davis continues to train and rehab for his next shot in MMA. You can check out the tape that got him the audition for “The Ultimate Fighter” over at his website, www.irishhandgrenade.com