David Michaud looks to cap busy 2019 with million-dollar PFL Championship

December 12, 2019

In the eyes of welterweight David Michaud, fighting twice in one night was no small order.

Heading into the 2019 PFL playoffs in October, Michaud knew he’d have to win twice in one night should he make it to the season finals in December. Though he wasn’t able to pick up victories how he would have liked, he nonetheless accomplished his goal, defeating both John Howard and Glaico Franca by decision.

“Fighting that long was hard,” Michaud told MMAWeekly.com. “(Faced with) two hard fights against pretty tough guys, I came out with the wins, so I can’t complain too much.

“I wasn’t really injured. I didn’t get beat up much. I would have liked to have gotten finishes, but it is what it is, and I’m happy.”

Michaud also notes the difficulty in keeping up with the PFL’s schedule, which has seen him fight every couple months since May, on top of a bout he had in the LFA to start his year in February.

“This is going to be my sixth fight this year; it’s been tough,” said Michaud. “Camps are harder than fights most of the time. This is going to be my fifth camp this year, and that’s what’s probably the hardest.

“You’ve got to manage; you’ve got to go to the chiropractor, make sure you’re doing everything, taking ice baths; just be a professional athlete and making sure you’re managing injuries, little nagging things, staying on top of things so it doesn’t get bad and have it affect you in fights.”

On December 31 in New York City, Michaud (18-5) will look to claim the 2019 season championship when he faces Ray Cooper III (19-7-1) at the PFL Finals.

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“I feel like I’m more well-rounded than Ray,” Michaud said. “He’s got good wrestling and good power, but I feel like I’ve got good wrestling and good power too. Not only that, but I mix up the striking a little more, on the ground I mix it up a lot more.

“Whereas he’s just going to knock people’s blocks off, which he’s good at, it’s exciting, people like to watch it, but like I said, I am more well-rounded and I have more ways to beat you. I can’t get knocked out. If I don’t get knocked out, I win.”

While a season championship and a million dollars awaits Michaud should he pick up the win over Cooper, none of that will come if he’s overlooking the fight itself, which is why he’s firmly affixed on picking up the victory and nothing else.

“Whatever comes about comes about,” said Michaud. “The only thing I’m thinking about is Ray Cooper.

“I know 100 percent for a fact that I’m going to be fighting Ray Cooper on December 31, and that’s all I’m really worried about. He’s good, he’s dangerous, and I’ve got to put all of my thought into him; anything else out of that we’ll deal with it when it arrives.”

(Photo courtesy of PFL MMA)