by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
The middleweight division in the UFC is starting to get jam packed with fighters like Anderson Silva, Nathan Marquardt, and of course champion Rich Franklin among the ranks, and two of the top competitors in the weight class are set to square off in Los Angeles at UFC 63 when former #1 contender, David “The Crow” Loiseau takes on Ultimate Fighter veteran, Mike “Quick” Swick.

UFC fans haven’t seen David Loiseau since the loss he suffered in his title shot versus Franklin in March of this year, but the always formidable striker from Canada will look to make an impressive return against Swick.

“This is my comeback fight and I’m very focused and motivated to put on a great show,” said Loiseau about his match-up with Swick.

Loiseau is no stranger to stand-up fights having some of the best striking skills in the division, not to mention a set of devastating elbows that can end a fight at any moment. His mix of kickboxing and unorthodox striking, like the spinning back kick that basically ended Charles McCarthy’s night when he fought Loiseau at UFC 53, are a dangerous combination for any opponent.

Swick has started to gain a fairly notorious reputation as of late for having such lightning quick hands, but Loiseau doesn’t seem overly concerned.

“My hands are just as fast as his or faster,” said Loiseau.

The level of competition in the 185lb weight class is starting to get very good and Swick’s name is starting to be mentioned as a possible title contender, and a win over a top fighter like Loiseau would do nothing but solidify that position. While many have still questioned the level of fighters that Swick has defeated since leaving the Ultimate Fighter show, his heart and desire to climb up the ranks can’t be denied.

This middleweight bout will serve as an undercard fight to the main event at UFC 63 pitting current welterweight champion, Matt Hughes versus Georges St. Pierre. Both Swick and Loiseau are currently in training for what should be a spectacular fight at 185lbs.