by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
It could be said that it’s now or never for former UFC middleweight contender David “The Crow” Loiseau.

Following a stretch that saw him win five fights in a row en route to a UFC 185-pound title match against then champion Rich Franklin; Loiseau has struggled, losing four of five fights, at times looking quite lethargic in the process.

With a new year comes new opportunities for success however, as David seeks to rebound this Saturday night in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada in an important headlining role for the fast-rising Canadian MMA promotion Hardcore Championship Fighting.

“I feel great, I’m in great shape and just toning down right now, making sure I’m on weight for Friday’s weigh-ins,” said a relaxed and confident Loiseau earlier this week. “I’m ready to let loose.”

“I’m looking forward to fighting; to put on a good fight or put on a good show, it doesn’t matter where or when. When it’s a fight you want to show up, fight good, fight hard and have a good fight. It’s important, and it’s what I’m going to do, show up and fight who I’ve got to fight and win.”

David’s eagerness to return to action comes off the heels of a controversial split-decision loss to Jason Day in Loiseau’s last HCF appearance in February.

In the fight, which was a last-minute addition to the card, David utilized a new aspect of his game, wrestling, to control much of the action in the second and third rounds after a stagnant first round.

“I’ve been wrestling with the Montreal Wrestling Club, and for the past eight months I’ve been wrestling very hard,” stated Loiseau. “In my last fight I took my opponent down a couple of times, picked him up and slammed him, double-legged him and out-grappled him.”

“That’s why a lot of people were surprised with my last performance, because I didn’t get taken down once. I took my opponent down, out-wrestled him, and was on top, so I do work on my weaknesses.”

Despite showcasing a more complete fighting style, the judges saw the match in Day’s favor. And while he’s not happy with the outcome, David has moved on in anticipation of his upcoming fight.

“I was ready; I have no excuses, that’s not how I am,” commented Loiseau on the loss. “A lot of guys do that, but that’s not how I am.”

“I actually won the fight, I won the fight – I just got screwed by the judges. Anybody that watches the fight can see that.”

At Saturday’s HCF, David is scheduled to take on Todd Gouwenberg, an aggressive young fighter that had won four fights in a row before losing his last bout to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at the same event Loiseau lost to Day.

“I checked out the fight there live and also saw the video and saw a couple things for sure (I can capitalize on),” said David of Gouwenberg’s game. “I think it’s going to be an exciting fight. He comes forward, comes to fight and is a strong guy, so it’s going to be action-packed.”

Loiseau knows that in order to work his way back to title contention, he has to win now and keep winning as the year progresses.

“One thing I want to do is take fights one fight at a time,” stated David. “My goal is to one day become the best fighter in the division, and to do that I’ve just got to take it one fight at a time. That’s it, work hard, train hard and fight hard.”

“I want to thank all my sponsors for this fight for supporting me. Come and check out the fights this Saturday, March 29th; and check out my website, www.CrowTime.tv, it’s where you can get all the info on my upcoming fights, seminars, and all things The Crow.”