Dave Herman Knows It’s Special To Be in the UFC, But There’s Still Work Ahead

February 17, 2011

With a 20-2 record, while standing six-foot-five and weighing 240-plus pounds, Dave Herman on paper is a beast that should have a great chance to beat any heavyweight in the sport.

Thought of for the past few years as one of the biggest raw talents in the sport, Herman has fought all over the world for several different promotions. But now he’s starting over again, and that’s okay by him because it means Herman has signed on with the UFC, the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

Herman signed his new deal just a few days ago, and while he’s ready to take on all challengers, he’s not asking for any handouts or special treatment. He’s ready to earn his spot like everybody else.

“I’m looking forward to fighting in the UFC. I think it’s the best way to advance my career at this time. The UFC is the largest and best MMA promotion out there and I am looking forward to being a part of it,” Herman told MMAWeekly.com.

So many fighters feel like they’ve reached the pinnacle just by making it to the UFC, and sometimes it’s that very attitude that leads to their downfall. Right now, Herman is happy that he’s got a new promotion to work for and a place to call home, but that doesn’t mean he’s satisfied by just putting UFC fighter on his resume.

“It does mean something special, but at the same time it’s work,” Herman explained. ” Sometimes you have a good job sometimes you don’t. Regardless it still has to get done.”

Herman has had several jobs in the terms of different promotions over the last few years. He fought for EliteXC before they folded, and had to deal with a falling out with Bellator after signing with them.

Most recently, Herman competed under the Sengoku banner in Japan, but financial struggles have seemingly crippled the once powerful Japanese organization. Several of their top stars have been released recently and are moving onto new places.

Whether it’s EliteXC, Bellator, or even Sengoku, Herman doesn’t hold a grudge against any of his past employers, but he’s happy to be with the UFC now.

“I don’t have any hard feelings towards any promotions out there,” said Herman. “For the most part I feel like I’ve been treated pretty well.”

Training on his own for much of his career, Herman has upped his game to prepare for his UFC debut. He’s started training full-time with Team Quest in Temecula, Calif., alongside former UFC middleweight contender Dan Henderson and his stable of fighters.

While currently rumors have him facing British fighter Rob Broughton in his UFC debut, Herman is happy to face any and all challengers because in the long run he knows he’ll have to fight them all anyways.

He’s just ready to become a top heavyweight by facing the top heavyweights.

“There are a lot of good heavyweights in the UFC right now. Hopefully, I can jump into the mix and be one of them,” Herman commented.

He did mention one distinct difference about fighting for the UFC as opposed to some other promotions, however.

“I really don’t have anyone in particular I would like to fight. It is kind of nice knowing about a fight two or three months in advance instead of two or three weeks though,” Herman said.

If the current timeline is correct, Herman will make his UFC debut in June at UFC 131 currently set to take place in Vancouver.

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