Daryl Wilson Says LFA 27 Title Fight Won’t Go the Distance

November 9, 2017

In three fights so far in 2017, lightweight Daryl Wilson has performed just about as well as anyone could be expected to.

Against Marcus Penland in March and James Warren in June both for Xtreme Fight Night, and then again versus Jarrod Card for the LFA in August, Wilson was able to come away with finishes, raising his current winning streak to five overall in the process.

“I’ve gone in with more of a mindset to have fun and let go, and I’ve been coming up with finishes,” Wilson told MMAWeekly.com. “Just trying to not come into the fight with pressure and just have fun. I think my performances are speaking for themselves.”

Over the course of his amateur and pro careers, Wilson feels like he’s made leaps and bounds in his game, never once slowing down his learning progression.

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“I’ve been pretty busy for the last four years, and with every fight I’m learning something new, then I go straight back into training and learning new stuff all the time,” said Wilson. “It’s just been a constant (path) uphill of improvement.”

Wilson (8-1) will challenge Robert Watley (8-1) for the promotion’s 155-pound title in the LFA 27 main event on Friday in Shawnee, Okla.

“I just have to go out there and find my rhythm, set the pace of the fight, and just do what I can do,” Wilson said. “I think it won’t go to a decision. For me it’s pretty simple: find my rhythm and that’s it.”

For Wilson, fighting for the LFA title is the culmination of all the hard work he has been putting in since he got into MMA four years ago.

“After my last fight I wanted to make an argument for a title shot, and I’ve been making it happen,” said Wilson. “It’s everything I’ve been wanting and have been asking for. I feel like I’ve earned it and it’s been given to me. It’s right there and all I have to do is reach out and grab it.”

Wilson hopes that claiming an LFA title will lead him to the UFC. If not, he’s more than happy to keep defending his title until he gets the opportunity to move up.

“I’m hoping to go out there and make an example of Rob, and take the belt with a finish,” Wilson said. “I would love to get a call by the UFC and move up to the next level. If not, I’ll defend this belt that I’ll get until I get the call.”

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