Darren Till on trash talk in combat sports: “You’re gonna start getting offended with things that people [are] saying to your mom, maybe this isn’t the sport for you”

September 3, 2021

No. 7 ranked middleweight Darren Till will return to the octagon this Saturday at UFC Vegas 36 after a 14 month absence.

Till’s UFC return will be a main event contest against no. 5 ranked middleweight Derek Brunson.

While Till is commonly known for his online trolling, Brunson said he actually enjoyed the banter from Till leading up to their fight.

Till clarified that he was just having fun and has no ill will toward Brunson.

“I don’t hold no hatred towards Derek, he’s a man on a mission,” Till said at UFC Vegas 36 media day. “I like to talk s–t. Everyone knows this.”

Another big fight that recently took place was a boxing match between Jake Paul and Till’s former foe Tyron Woodley.

Prior to the fight taking place, Paul’s camp got into it with Woodley’s mother, who is affectionately known in the MMA community as “Momma Woodley”.

After addressing his personal style of trash talking, Till gave his thoughts on the spat between Woodley’s mother and Paul’s camp. 

“Someone asked me today, ‘Do you think it was bad? Like what Jake Paul’s team did to like Woodley and Momma Woodley?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, to Momma Woodley, yeah.”

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Despite Till’s belief that the act of bringing someone’s mother into the fight game is a no-no, he did acknowledge that if someone wants to try their hand in combat sports, they should probably have thick skin.

“In my opinion, in this fight game as well, nothing’s off limits. Like, we’re two men. We’re about to go in there and rip the heads off each other,” Till said. “So [if] you’re gonna start getting offended with things that people [are] saying to your mom and that mate, maybe this isn’t the sport for you, you need to go and find another sport.” 

“Or if someone’s saying something about your kids and s–t like this, or your wife, find someone else to do. Because you need to have thick skin in this sport and, especially, you need to have thicker skin when you got a man on top of you trying to elbow you straight in the face. So that’s how I look at it.”

While Till does bring up a fair point, not many in the sport have thicker skin than him.