by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
With the lightweight division experiencing a rebirth in the US this year there’s going to be a lot of fighters vying for the top spot. Among the favorites to become the number one lightweight fighter in the US is current King of the Cage 155lb Champion Mac Danzig.

Recently this past March after nearly five months off from fighting, Danzig returned in victorious fashion over a very tough Jason Ireland at KOTC: Drop Zone. It’s a fight that while Mac is happy he won; he feels he could have done a better job of preparing for.

“It didn’t go exactly as I expected,” admitted Danzig. “I feel like may have under prepared for him. Not that I didn’t train hard, I trained really hard and I was in good shape, I think that I didn’t get enough tape on him and didn’t really have a game plan. That’s probably what the problem was, I just went in there and winged it and at this level it’s dangerous to do that.”

Mac continued, “He came in and fought really hard and it was a really tough fight. It was really good from a fan standpoint but I wasn’t really happy with it until I saw the tape recently and realized it wasn’t that bad. I’m just disappointed because I didn’t finish it. It was actually a very good, competitive fight.”

With his first title defense in the books Danzig now sets his sights on his second trip up to KOTC Canada to defend his title against Orlando Ruiz this weekend in Calgary, Alberta. According Mac while the fight might not appear dangerous on paper, it’s not something he’s going to take lightly.

“This is the most dangerous kind of opponent,” exclaimed Danzig. “For one he’s got a title shot so he’s going to be fighting very hard and for two I don’t know anything about him. The guy supposedly is 9-0 in MMA in Puerto Rico, which may not have great competition, but he may have some skills.”

Mac added, “On paper I should be able to walk through this guy, but you ever want to underestimate anyone and you don’t want to lose to this type of guy. I don’t know what to exactly expect from the guy but I expect his best effort. If I go in there and underestimate him that’s very dangerous, so I’m going to go in there and treat him like any opponent.”

This fight will be the third in a row that Danzig has headlined a card and is expected to bring in the crowd. While it may be difficult for some fighters to deal with that kind of pressure, to Mac it’s nothing he hasn’t adjusted to and can’t handle.

“I don’t really get too nervous or have too much pressure. I definitely want to go in there and put on a good show and prove why I’m the Champion. I’m pretty comfortable with where I am now in the sport, so I’m just going to go do what I do,” said Danzig.

After Ruiz, Mac already has two more fights signed for the coming months, neither of which he expects to be easy.

“I’ve got a couple tough fights lined up. On June 9th at Soboba I’ve got Buddy Clinton who’s dropping down in weight to fight me and that’s a pretty tough fight at 155lbs for a title defense,” explained Danzig. “After Clinton I’ve got this German guy named Mario Stepel. He’s not really known over here, but he’s supposed to be one of the best fighters in Germany at 155lbs. I’m supposed to be fighting him in August considering I beat my next two opponents. After that I’m not sure, but I’ve been told hopefully I’ll get a bigger named guy, a top ten or top fifteen guy.”

Mac closed out the conversation by saying, “I’ll keep taking it one fight at a time and I’m not looking past anyone. I’m just looking at my opponent this weekend, after that take a week off then get ready for Buddy Clinton, knock him out, and get back on the train [laughs].”

Danzig concluded, “I want to thank my sponsor Warrior Wear and like I always say, no matter what I’m going in there and giving it my best. It’s just going to be like every time, exciting, and I’m hoping to finish this guy, no more decisions for me.”