by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
Over the past year Mac Danzig has worked hard to achieve his goal of finally participating on the biggest stage of MMA and now finally he’ll have his opportunity to do so, as Mac told MMAWeekly exclusively, “It’s official, I’m finally getting my chance to fight in PRIDE [on February 24th in Las Vegas].”

Danzig continued, “I’m fighting the [MMAWeekly] #2 Ranked Lightweight fighter in the world, [Hayoto] “Mach” Sakurai. I couldn’t be more excited – this is the fight I’ve been waiting for since I started training – I’m honored to get a chance to do it. It’s probably going to be the biggest show of the year, so I’m really excited.”

Mac’s deal is for two fights and he intends to show people that all the buzz he’s garnered over the past year will be delivered upon next month.

“On February 24th, people are going to see the best Mac Danzig possible,” exclaimed Danzig. “I’m coming in there with my A+ game and they should expect nothing less of me. I’m giving it all I got, I’m preparing harder than I ever have for this fight, and the motivation is all there to do it.”

Mac’s deal comes off the heals of a disappointing and controversial split-decision loss to PRIDE veteran Clay French at King of the Cage in Chicago on Friday, which cost Danzig his 155lb Championship with the promotion.

Ever focused on the task at hand, Mac feels he has put his first loss in 13 fights behind him and is moving forward to bigger things in PRIDE.

“As far as the KOTC fight goes, it’s only a minor setback,” explained Danzig. “If anything, I knew this PRIDE fight was going to happen and I may have been a little distracted and looked past my opponent a little bit.”

“That may have had something to do with it, but I’m not letting it effect me. I’m completely healthy, didn’t get hurt at all and I’m going into this fight with Sakurai 100%. The KOTC fight really doesn’t mean anything to me at this point, I’m looking strictly forward,” further commented Mac.

And what’s forward for Danzig is the biggest opportunity and challenge of his career in facing Sakurai. It’s a dream match-up for Mac, and one that he intends on making his breakout fight, no matter what.

“I have the utmost respect for Sakurai,” said Danzig. “I view him as probably the most well-rounded fighter in the sport and it’s an honor to fight him. I know I’m going in as the underdog, but he’s in for the fight of his life, I guarantee you.”