Daniel Gracie Looking For Comeback After Four Years Away From MMA

November 8, 2010

Daniel Gracie

When Daniel Gracie steps in to fight Martin Wojcik in Israel on Tuesday it will be the first time in over four years since the jiu-jitsu instructor has competed in MMA. Dealing with some injuries, but always training, Gracie is ready to get back to active competition and it starts with his return to action this week.

Any fighter with the last name Gracie will always have a target on his back, and Daniel Gracie is no exception. Through seven fights, Gracie has faced many fighters with sometimes double and triple his experience in the MMA ring, but he has always stood up to the challenge.

With over four years away from active competition, Gracie is finally ready to get back into MMA, and hopefully make this stay last a long time.

“I fixed all my injuries, I feel healthy and strong,” Gracie told MMAWeekly.com from Israel. “I have been training with some of the best MMA fighters in the sport and I feel I am ready to compete on the highest level.”

While he may not have been in the spotlight of the MMA world, Gracie has been teaching at the Renzo Gracie Academy in Connecticut as well as the main gym in New York City. He’s also sought out one of the best trainers in the world to get him ready for his return to action this week in Israel.

“I have been training at the Sityodtong in Boston with Mark Dellagratte and Tim Barchard,” Gracie commented. “In New Jersey, I train with Kevin Mulhall at The Edge Hoboken, but my main training is at the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York. My physical preparation is at Hybrid Athletics in Stamford, Connecticut.”

Gracie has been hard at work to get back to MMA, and he hopes that once the train gets rolling, it will be hard to stop.

“This is my first step of many, I plan to continue until my body says no more,” he said.

Gracie’s opponent in his return match will be 5-4 fighter Martin Wojcik, who has been a winner in three of his last four bouts. Expecting a tough fight, Gracie has done his research and is ready for whatever happens on Tuesday.

“I have watched a few of his fights, he has a very good base, and heavy kicks and punches,” Gracie said about Wojcik. “But I am ready for whatever.”

As a proud member of the Gracie family, carrying the family’s legacy into 2010 and beyond, Daniel has a very simple message to his opponent and anyone else who opposes him as he returns to full time MMA this year and next.

“I am very proud to represent my family,” Gracie said. “I would die for my name.”

With such strong emotion behind the pride of fighting under the Gracie name, Daniel has a very simple and direct way of predicting his fight against Wojcik on Tuesday in Israel.

“Me winning,” he predicts.

Gracie faces Martin Wojcik under the Israel Fighting Championships (IFC) banner.