Daniel Cormier ‘condemns’ Jorge Masvidal for alleged sucker punch attack on Colby Covington

Now that more details into the alleged attack on Colby Covington at the hands of Jorge Masvidal have been revealed more fighters are stepping in to voice their opinions.

One such fighter is former two-division champion, Daniel Cormier.

Cormier is no stranger to in and out of the cage beef as he’s harbored his own feud with former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

“It’s hard for me to sit up here and judge Jorge for his actions, being that Jon Jones and I had many altercations that almost ended up in the same way,” Cormier said on “DC & RC.” “But ultimately, people were able to stop us from taking it to the next level. But here’s the thing: a lot of these altercations happened prior to the fights happening and we were always very clear of each other.”

Cormier continued explaining the only place for violence is in the cage.

“You got 25 minutes,” Cormier said. “That is the only place in which I’m going to condemn Jorge Masvidal. You had 25 minutes less than two weeks ago to do everything you wanted. It does not seem as though this was a – it’s so hard here not to assume, but it does not seem as though this was a come face-to-face and we get into a fight. It seems like something different, and that’s where it becomes a little bit off.”

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At press time no charges had been filed against Masvidal but a potential felony assault charge is on the table, according to the police, who are still investigating the issue.

“Jorge Masvidal is a fighter,” he continued. “He’s an absolute fighter, he’s an absolute dog. But I don’t know if it can seep into the streets like that. We saw it with Khabib (Nurmagomedov) and Conor (McGregor). Khabib was not willing to let it go. It went too far for him to say at the end of the fight we’re OK. It went too far, and I feel like that’s what happened.”