Daniel Cormier can’t stop buying Jake Paul Pay-Per-Views, but stole the last one

YouTube celebrity and social media star turned professional boxer Jake Paul gets criticism from all sides, but he has a fan in former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier.

Paul (6-0) defeated former UFC middleweight titleholder Anderson Silva (3-2) by unanimous decision this past Saturday. Cormier purchased the pay-per-view and plans to purchase more of them in the future.

“I paid the 60 bucks. I bought it. I watched the pay-per-view,” Cormier said on the DC & RC Podcast. “I actually fought with my son because he was trying to watch it on one device and I was watching on another device. We kept booting each other off. Eventually I had to steal it. I streamed it on my part because my son wouldn’t let me watch the fight.”

Cormier technically paid for the pay-per-view, but also stole it in order to watch it on a second device. He admittedly finds himself regularly purchasing Jake Paul promoted events.

“I’m constantly buying Jake Paul’s events right now because there’s a lot that surrounds it. Even if you want to see him win, or you want to see him lose, you tune in. And it’s making the kid a ton of money,” Cormier said.

“When you speak about people wanting to see you win, or people wanting to see you lose… The one thing we can not have is indifference. When people don’t care whether you’re on TV, or on this, or on that, that is a recipe for disaster because when they don’t care all of a sudden the higher-ups stop caring. The next thing you know, you’re replaceable,” continued Cormier.

“You can not have indifference, and that’s the one thing Jake Paul does not have at all is people that are indifferent to what he is doing.”

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