Danger Van Gorder: Punk Rock Comes to MMA’s Defense

October 26, 2016

While people may know Danger Van Gorder as the vocalist/guitarist for rock band Countless Thousands, he’s also a big fan of MMA, and recently had a chance to debate the sport’s merits versus pro wrestling as part of the Oct. 15 edition of Fight! Cast! on the Unpopular Opinion podcast subscription network.

Speaking to MMAWeekly.com, Van Gorder discussed his appearance on Fight! Cast!, his interest in MMA, as well as Countless Thousands’ upcoming album and its release party as part of the 7th Nerdrocker’s Ball.

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MMAWeekly.com: Firstly Danger, tell us how your appearance on Fight! Cast! came about and going verbally toe-to-toe with comedian Chet Wild, and the response your episode got.

Danger Van Gorder: I like Chet and I don’t disagree with him on too many things, so as a throw-away thing on the list of ideas we could do, I said I was passionate about was MMA. Chet said he was into WWE, so it’s on, and that we’re talking about that.

If it’s possible that I can find reasons to like other things, I’m on board, but what I was not prepared for was the alacrity of his arguments. Chet’s a comic and has a sharp mind, so he was able to raise points via comedy, which our comedian judge (host Adam Tod Brown) enjoyed.

People are like, “You should have won that argument, man.” But it’s a podcast and we’re all friends, so if you’re worried about MMA just lost something then you’re maybe taking it a little too seriously.

MMAWeekly.com: What got you into MMA to begin with?

Danger Van Gorder: My closest friend had been training in combat sports for a while, and he and I were becoming closer friends, his girlfriend at the time gave him tickets to see The Ultimate Fighter Finale for Season Five in Las Vegas and asked if I wanted to come.

I remember going and watching this thing that was so exciting. There’s constant movement. It was exciting in a way I’d never seen before. I remember turning to my friend and saying, “Oh my god, I like a sport.” I never really cared about sports before.

MMAWeekly.com: I understand that you’ve trained in MMA and have even had a smoker fight as well.

Countless Thousands - Danger Van Gorder far rightDanger Van Gorder: I used to train under Frank Colcher, Battalia Balamoundo, and a couple of other really, really great coaches. I’ve been training MMA off and on for about seven or eight years now.

I train MMA because I enjoy it and want to learn, but I never really wanted to compete in a really serious way because then it really does become your life. And it should. If you’re competing in MMA, you have to give it all that you have. It’s a serious sport. You can’t casually get into this thing and expect to succeed at all.

The one time I actually fought was casual. I was training very hard, or what I thought was hard anyway, and I enjoyed the fights, and I was told it was entertaining, but I managed to make it to the middle of the second round before I got ground and pounded out. But it was a good time. Everybody had a good time.

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MMAWeekly.com: I hear that there’s been something of a challenge put out there to fight fellow frequent Unpopular Opinion contributor Jeff May. Tell us about that.

Danger Van Gorder: I can’t remember how it happened, but (May) said something about boxing and got into a boxing stance, and he was like, “So you’ve taken a couple classes,” and yeah, I can box a little bit and it’s the better part of my game, but Jeff was a boxer. He actually boxed.

I enjoy boxing and it was one of the more successful (aspects) of the fight that I had, but Jeff knows what he’s doing and he also outweighs me by about 60 pounds. So my interest in fighting Jeff is purely scientific, because I know Jeff can land one really solid overhand and basically end my evening. I think it could be fun for as long as it took until it starts to hurt way more than I’m used to.

MMAWeekly.com: Thanks for taking time out for us, Danger. Before we close this out, tell us a bit about what’s coming up for Countless Thousands.

Danger Van Gorder: The CD we Kickstarted will be releasing on Oct. 28. The CD is called “You’re Goddamn Right.” If you like enthusiasm, good rock and roll, good punk rock or indy rock, the CD is really, really great. I’m so proud. It will be available on primarily iTunes, but also Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

The CD release show we’re doing is Oct. 29. We do these shows called Nerdrocker’s Ball. This is not only as an after party for Comikaze, which is that day, but it will also be our CD release party. We got a lot of great bands and comics, so come on out. It’s free at the Angel City Brewery in downtown Los Angeles. It’s going to be rad.

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