Dana White weighs in on Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. boxing match: ‘He’s a PPV turd’

UFC president Dana White and YouTube creator turned professional boxer Jake Paul aren’t exactly the biggest fans of one another.

Paul regularly targets White on social media and in interviews, and White is regularly asked about Paul’s comments and career. On Saturday, during the UFC Long Island Post-fight Press Conference, White found himself in the familiar spot of being asked about Paul’s upcoming boxing match against Hasim Rahman Jr.

“Is this still something? Is this still a thing,” questioned White after being asked about Paul. “It isn’t to me. I could care less. He’s a pay-per-view turd.”

“I know of him (Rahman Jr.). I saw he just got knocked out by Tommy Morrison’s son,” White said. “He just got knocked out. Why wouldn’t you go after the guy that knocked him out?”

Rahman Jr. lost by TKO to James Morrison on April 29. White was reminded that a fight against Morrison would be a tougher matchup for Paul than one with Rahman Jr. The UFC president isn’t interested in that kind of matchmaking.

“That’s not the business I’m in. I’m in a different business than that,” White said. “I’m in the tough-fight business.”

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