Dana White Wants UFC vs. Strikeforce Fights ‘As Soon As Possible,’ but Roadblocks Exist

While most remain hopeful that UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will face Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz later this year, putting on fights that crossover between the two promotions is currently left in limbo.

Several sources over the last few weeks have stated that St-Pierre and Diaz would meet with the welterweight title on the line, but UFC president Dana White has maintained all along that it’s not a done deal.

While he stopped short of saying it wouldn’t happen, right now there are still hold ups that are preventing the UFC and Strikeforce from producing fights between the promotions.

“We literally have nothing done on that yet,” White answered when asked about the crossover fights.

Just after Zuffa purchased Strikeforce, White maintained that everything would remain ‘business as usual,’ but over the last few months several changes have been made internally within the newest promotion taken over by the MMA giant.

The matchmaking duties along with virtually all of the day-to-day business of Strikeforce is now under the helm of Zuffa employees, and the majority of Strikeforce’s staff has been let go under the new regime.

As far as fights go, however, White admitted that their goal is to put on the super fights that fans most want to see between the two promotions and it’s something they are currently working on.

“As soon as possible,” White said about a timeline for when the fights could take place.

Apparently, however, there is a wall blocking Zuffa’s efforts to make it happen. While White wouldn’t expand on what it is that’s preventing them from putting together those types of fights, most assume it has to do with Strikeforce’s existing television deal with Showtime.

Strikeforce has a television deal in place with Showtime that runs for at least two more years, but White gave no indication if that’s the specific reason why they are struggling to put together fights pitting the best of the best in the UFC against their counterparts in Strikeforce.

“I don’t even want to get into that, a whole other headache,” White stated.

The possibilities of crossover match-ups are endless, but GSP vs. Diaz appears to be the starting block if the fights can be put together. Only time and negotiation will tell if it will actually happen.

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