Dana White vows UFC will not lay off any employees: ‘I don’t care how long this lasts!’

UFC president Dana White is up against incredible odds to try and proceed with UFC 249 on April 18, but he continues to insist he is going to find a way to make the event happen. One thing that he won’t do is let go of any of his employees, regardless of how long the current coronavirus crisis lasts.

The economic turmoil has already begun because of the covid-19 global pandemic. Stock markets have been seeing their worst results in history and businesses have been forced to close or extremely limit operations. The UFC isn’t immune. In fact, the entire sports world has little wiggle room for moving forward until pandemic restrictions are lifted.

White has had to postpone three events already, though promising to make up the fights at some point. And even if he somehow manages to put forth some version of UFC 249 on April 18, there are surely going to be more postponements before any of us returns to any sort of normalcy.

No matter what happens with the UFC’s event calendar, however, White is adamant that he will not lay off a single employee because of restrictions surrounding the covid-19 pandemic.

“A guy wrote today UFC is gonna be laying people off. And he’s f—ing gloating about it. First of all, it’s a f—ing lie. It’s not even true. He saw a statement that Endeavor is laying people off and then he says something like, hey, Dana, you got bosses now. No I don’t motherf—er. You have no idea what my situation is,” White said in a recent interview with Barstool Sports.

“I don’t care how long this lasts. How long this f—ing goes on. I’m not laying anybody off. It’s not f—ing happening. There’s a lot of things that I will f—ing do to make sure that doesn’t happen. And I make those decisions. So it won’t happen… period!”

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Dana White addresses UFC 249 and shoots down report of UFC layoffs

(Courtesy of Barstool Sports)