Dana White Unleashes on ‘Cokehead’ Oscar De La Hoya For Making Liddell vs. Ortiz 3

November 27, 2018

UFC president Dana White never wanted to see Chuck Liddell fight again and the worst case scenario he imagined for the former light heavyweight champion came true this past weekend.

At 48, Liddell stepped back into the cage on Saturday night where he suffered a brutal first round knockout courtesy of his old rival Tito Ortiz at an event promoted by Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions.

In the lead up to the fight, White constantly ripped De La Hoya for promoting the card, especially considering Liddell had retired from fighting eight years earlier after suffering a series of brain rattling knockouts.

Sadly, White’s nightmare came true when he watched Liddell fall to Ortiz and now he’s taking aim at De La Hoya and the California State Athletic Commission for allowing the fight to happen in the first place.

“Listen, I love Chuck Liddell and I don’t ever want to bad mouth Chuck Liddell or people even remotely think I’m bad mouthing Chuck Liddell,” White said on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “Let’s say this first, I heard last week the cokehead ‘Oscar De La Weirdo’ is talking s–t that I don’t have any place to tell guys when to retire. First of all, it’s called friendship, you f–king cokehead. I’ve been friends with Chuck Liddell for 20 years.

“The reality is Chuck Liddell retired when he should have retired eight, nine years ago however long it was. Chuck Liddell’s almost 50 years old and has no business fighting anymore. The fact that the state of California even let that fight happen is disgusting. Disgusting. Chuck Liddell has an incredible legacy, he’s a huge superstar in the sport, so of course as a friend, anybody who claims to be a friend of Chuck Liddell and was anywhere near this fight is full of s–t. They’re not a friend of Chuck Liddell to let him go in and fight this fight. Terrible.”

In the lead up to the fight, White routinely blasted De La Hoya for some of his comments regarding Liddell’s comeback not to mention his thoughts on fighter pay where the former boxer turned promoter said he was blown away by how little mixed martial artists were making in the UFC.

“The problem is Chuck Liddell is a fighter. Chuck Liddell loves to fight. That’s his passion. It’s what he loves in life. But there comes a day and age, fighting is a young man’s game. You can’t do it and Oscar De La Hoya says ‘come over to Golden Boy where we respect the fighters and it makes me sick what these fighters were paid’ and all this s–t,” White said.

“Out of 14 bouts on the card, five bouts were amateur fights, which means he didn’t pay them jack s–t. 12 of the professional fighters on the card made less than [$3,000 and $3,000]. What the f–k are you talking about you cokehead junkie. Some of the guys on the card made $1,000 [to fight] and $1,000 [to win]. You know what he respects the fighters so much, he couldn’t even remember their f–king names at the press conference.”

For all the talk about money, White claims that once the dust settles on this event that a lot of people are going to want to get paid and he predicts it will end up in a courtroom battle rather than a second Golden Boy MMA card.

“Tito and Oscar Da La Dummy were made for each other. Those two f–king nut heads. First off, Tito says ‘you guys want to get paid, come over to Golden Boy MMA’. Are you kidding me?” White said. “Wait a couple months till this whole thing pans out. Everybody’s going to be suing everybody in a couple months. There was no money made over there.

“De La Hoya’s a moron. An absolute moron and I don’t know how Chuck allowed himself to be talked into this stupid s–t.”

White wasn’t finished erupting when it came to his opinion on De La Hoya, who he had praised in the past but their relationship dissolved after the former boxer began ranting and raving about former UFC champion Conor McGregor crossing over to fight Floyd Mayweather last year.

That was the start of the volatile relationship between White and De La Hoya and it doesn’t appear the two promoters will be breaking bread together any time soon.

“This guy needs to check himself into rehab immediately. He’s standing up at a press conference rubbing his hands, talking about how cold he is and he doesn’t know any of the fighters. Doesn’t know any of their names. The main event he doesn’t even know how to say Chuck Liddell,” White said about De La Hoya.

“I think he’s snorting a ton of cocaine and Google him. I think he snorted a ton of cocaine and doing a lot of other things and I don’t even think he’s even involved in any of this stuff. I think there’s a bunch of people behind the scenes who really do all the work and put this together for him, he snorts about 12 pounds of coke when he gets up in the morning and just shows up where they tell him to show up.”

White wasn’t finished because he continued his diatribe aimed at De La Hoya regarding his lack of knowledge about the sport of MMA much less the fighters he was attempting to promote on the card this past weekend.Oscar De La Hoya and Chuck Liddell - Golden Boy MMA

“He’s not smart enough to get into the game,” White said. “He’s not smart enough and he doesn’t have the work ethic. He’s doing recreational things that are keeping him from even thinking about competing. You show up to a press conference, at the very least, know how to say the main event’s name. He literally lines up a bunch of guys behind me — ‘uh I don’t really know any of these guys or their names’ — well how about you write it down on a piece of f–king paper you dope. Write it down on a piece of paper and read the piece of paper.

“This guy has no shame. He’s unbelievable. Some of things this guy has done, I would disappear and you’d never see me again. He doesn’t care. He jumps right back up there talking in front of the media. He’s hilarious.”

The California State Athletic Commission definitely landed in White’s crosshairs as well after they sanctioned the bout by allowing Liddell to compete again after an eight year layoff.

White admonished the toxic combination of promoter and commission colluding together to put Liddell back into the cage where he suffered his fourth consecutive knockout in a row.

“I don’t want to make one dollar of this kind of money. I do not,” White said. “I said that since day one. When I mean day one, 17 years ago. No. 2, my major back up was no major state would sanction this fight. That’s not going to happen. Cause all the big states, Nevada, California, New York, they have athletic commissions. No major athletic commission is going to sanction this fight. Wrong! I was hoping this thing would end up they’d be in Kentucky somewhere trying to make this fight and the fight would never come off. I didn’t know Kentucky, California was going to happen. I didn’t see this coming.

“Chuck Liddell should have never been in that fight. All the fans were talking about it leading up [to the fight] just watching footage. Did anybody from the athletic commission show up to watch him spar or anything like that? It’s terrible.”

After watching the disastrous situation unfold, White says he only has one hope and that’s seeing De La Hoya attempt a comeback of his own so he could suffer the same kind of fate as Liddell.

“I hope somebody talks De La Hoya into fighting again,” White said. “I hope the state of California makes the fight and I hope he gets f–king knocked out just like Chuck Liddell did in the first round. F–king cokehead nut ball.”