by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
As if male MMA fans needed another reason to check out the latest issue of Playboy Magazine, UFC President Dana White will be featured in the upcoming July issue as part of Playboy’s “20 Questions” segment.

As the title suggests, the article is an interview that covers a myriad of topics, all within the familiar 20 questions format.

Among the questions asked is what White thinks about Dr. Peter Carmel, an American Medical Association Board of Trustees neurosurgeon who said that UFC fighters are “as close to murder as you can get,” to which White replied, “He’s the ultimate rent-a-doctor. He’s a jackass. He doesn’t believe in any contact sports. At the end of the day you’re either a fight fan or you’re not. I’m never going to convert a guy who isn’t a fight fan. I would never try. But he is so wrong.”

White continued, “These guys are well-conditioned athletes who train and go out there and compete against each other, just like football players, who Dr. Carmel doesn’t believe in either. You’re never going to get a guy like that to look at this thing objectively and see it as a sport. I’m not sitting here telling you the UFC is safe. When two men go out there and fight, there are risks. The good thing about this country is that we get to choose what we do with our lives.”

White’s appearance and cover story in one of the country’s highest-circulation monthly magazines is a testament to the growing popularity of the sport, and in particular the UFC’s brand name.

This issue also marks the second time in almost as many months that the UFC has been mentioned on the cover of Playboy. In the March 2006 issue, a sub-headline on the cover said “UFC’s Softer Side” in reference to Willa Ford’s appearance in the magazine.