Strikeforce Fighters Are Staying In Strikeforce

December 11, 2011

Strikeforce isn’t going anywhere, and neither are its fighters.

Following UFC 140 on Saturday night, UFC president Dana White shared some details as to what their plans for Strikeforce are in 2012. Evidently, anyone who currently holds a spot on the Strikeforce roster will stay there with no immediate plans to move to the UFC.

“The guys that are in Strikeforce are staying in Strikeforce,” White said following the post-fight press conference. “Strikeforce lives.”

One fighter who’s made several statements regarding his desire to move to the UFC is Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez. According to these new details, however, Melendez will not be in the UFC in the near future. No worries, according to the UFC president. He’ll make it worth Melendez’s while.

It going to be good for all, he said.

“Gilbert Melendez and all the guys that are in the Strikeforce show and with Showtime, I will make fights [for them],” White proclaimed. “They will be happy to be there. Believe me, I got this thing worked out. It’s going to be good for everybody. It’s going to be good for the fighters, it’s going to be good for Showtime, and it’s going to be good for Strikeforce.”

When asked if there are any plans for co-promotion between Strikeforce and the UFC, White said, “Strikeforce is completely separate,” but that they have the ability to make some interesting things happen.

In addition, White confirmed Scott Coker will continue to be involved in Strikeforce affairs going forward.

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