Dana White Stands By His Harsh Criticism of Fighters After a Poor Performance

August 21, 2018

UFC president Dana White will never apologize for giving his unabashed opinion of a fight or a fighter on any given night.

That’s the message he passed along just recently when asked about his harsh criticism of the athletes on his roster who have had less than stellar performances throughout the history of the UFC.

White has never shied away from absolutely unloading on fighters who don’t have a good night at the office. From former middleweight champion Anderson Silva to current welterweight king Tyron Woodley, White doesn’t bite his tongue when giving his opinion on a poor outing if that’s what he just witnessed.

In the past, White has been criticized for some of the things he’s said, especially considering as a promoter his job is to build up the fighters in the UFC so fans will want to see them fight.

White prefers to think of his assessment of bad performances as just being brutally honest with both the fighters and the viewers who watch the UFC.

“Well guess what? This isn’t the fun business. You don’t get to go out and put on a terrible performance and act like you just did something incredible,” White said when speaking with FOX News recently.

“The guys that I went after and the guys that I did that to, if you watched their performances and what happened that night, most of them deserved it.”

Of course as tough as White has been on some bad performances, he’s more than happy to rave about a great fight or an outstanding card as well.

Still, White doesn’t plan on stopping his habit of calling out a bad fight when it happens, no matter who’s involved or how much it might irritate the people he’s talking about.