Dana White stands by Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal and Tyron Woodley political statements

It’s rather difficult to lump Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal, and Tyron Woodley into one common group. They are all top UFC welterweights. They are also all afforded UFC president Dana White’s backing when it comes to their political and/or social leanings.

Covington has been a longtime supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump. He has taken numerous opportunities to support the president at rallies and even attended the recent Presidential Debate as President Trump’s guest.

He has also been rather outspoken against other athletes, celebrities, and individuals that support Black Lives Matter and other protest groups.

Though he is a heated rival of Covington’s when it comes to the fight game, Masvidal is similar in his political leanings in that he is also a supporter of the current President.

Masvidal hasn’t been as overly divisive as Covington, but having been born to immigrant parents in Miami, he has strong political beliefs that enforce his backing of Donald Trump.

Masvidal’s father is from Cuba and his mother from Peru. It is his familial experience with the socialist system of Cuba that seems to drive Masvidal’s support of President Trump. He recently participated in rallies alongside Donald Trump Jr. under the banner “Fighters Against Socialism.”

It wasn’t something that White had anything to do with, despite his own friendship and support of President Trump. It is, however, something that stands by as his fighter’s right.

Likewise, Tyron Woodley has used his platform as a UFC fighter to stand up for his beliefs and support the Black Lives Matter movement, which runs counter to Covington’s stance.

Ahead of his recent bout with Covington, Woodley wore Black Lives Matter attire in his public appearances and to the Octagon. He also responded to reporters’s questions in a pre-fight question and answer session with some refrain of “because black lives matter,” as his response to all of the questions.

White supports Woodley’s right to do so, just as much as he backs Covington or Masvidal in their support of President Trump.

“Masvidal reached out to Don Jr. His parents came from Cuba, and he knows what’s it like to live in that type of an environment. He doesn’t like what’s going on right now in this country, and he wanted to support Trump. That was all on his own,” White recently told Sports Illustrated.

“Much like people are all over me, saying ‘Colby Covington said this and said that,’ or on the flip side, Tyron Woodley came out with all Black Lives Matter on, and his answer to every question was ‘Black Lives Matter.’

“I don’t tell these guys what to say. They’re their own people and they can do whatever they want. This is America. Everybody can have an opinion, and everybody can choose to vote for whoever they want.”

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