Dana White shares shirtless selfie and MMA Twitter is stunned

UFC president Dana White has revealed what his newly transformed body looks like and it’s quite impressive.

Over the weekend White shared a clip from a podcast where he talks about the changes he made in his life to become healthier … and it shows.

“They do these tests on you and they know when you’re going to die. I became obsessed, he gave me 10.4 years [to live] and it completely changed my life,” White said on the Balancing Chaos podcast. “He sat down for three hours, walked me through my blood work and told me everything that was wrong with me. He also told me what was wrong with my parents and he was right about everything. By the time I was done talking to him, I was absolutely blown away.

The photo of White ripped and flexing made its rounds on Twitter.

Several fans, media and even fighters commented on the pic.

“Whatever @danawhite taking hope it’s Usada approved #INeedThat,” Joaquin Buckley wrote.

Jake Matthews wrote, “A Boss who leads by example @danawhite.”

Of course, like with anything in MMA, there were also several negative comments.

“Looks more juiced then half his roster,” someone said. “Cue the steroid talk. Anytime anyone does anything good or makes improvements,” another fan replied.

“He has time to workout, hangs out with fighters, can afford a personal chef— this isn’t surprising at all — good for you Dana,” someone else wrote.

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