Dana White Says Silva vs. Sonnen 2 Would be in a Soccer Stadium

It’s no secret that a soccer stadium is on the UFC’s radar. The promotion has been rumored to be scouting locations in Sao Paulo, Brazil for early summer, which is coincidentally the time frame for injured middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s return to the Octagon.

UFC president Dana White hasn’t exactly taken a hard stance in deflecting the rumors of a record-breaking show in Brazil.

“What happens is you guys get all this sneaky information and then I say stuff at the press conference and my whole crew says, ‘What are you doing?’” White commented following UFC 139, before adding, “I don’t know if we’re going to Sao Paulo in June and if Anderson Silva is headlining the card. I have no clue. That would be awesome though,” a coy grin plastered across his face.

In a recent outtake from the new UFC Tonight series on Fuel TV, White all but confirmed that if Chael Sonnen is victorious over Mark Munoz this month at UFC on Fox 2, a rematch with Silva is on tap for a soccer stadium in South America.

“Obviously if Sonnen faces Anderson Silva, that’ll be a hot ticket. People all over the world will want to see that fight,” said the UFC boss. “If that fight goes down, it will probably be in Brazil and it will probably be in a soccer stadium.”

White also discussed the company’s plans for Japan and the rest of Asia, and even talked about the possibility of putting on an event in Paris. Check out the outtake below…

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