Dana White responds to Nate Diaz tweet ‘Tell me when there isn’t something crazy going on’

On Monday Nate Diaz tweeted that he wanted a fight, either July or August or he wanted to be released. This isn’t the first time he’s tweeted something along those lines but now, UFC president Dana White has responded.

While speaking to the media at a lunch in Salt Lake City today, White was asked if Nate could potentially be on a card in that city.

“Yeah, yeah, that could happen,” he said. “He could end up on this card. I didn’t say he is. Said he could because I know 30 guys are gonna go write that I said he is. He isn’t. I didn’t say that.”

Later, White elaborated to MMA Weekly his thoughts about Diaz.

“I owe him a fight? We’ll get him a fight,” White said. “Tell me when there isn’t something crazy going on with Nate Diaz. It’s just the way he operates. It’s just part of what he does, listen, like I always say. I owe guys three fights a year. Right. So if I don’t get them the fights, I have to pay them. I owe you three fights a year by contract. If I don’t get you three fights a year then I have to pay you to not fight. If I’m not living up to my end of the obligation, then obviously I owe him some money. And obviously, that’s not the case.”