Dana White Reportedly Under a Five-Year Deal to do “More Work” for New UFC Owners

July 12, 2016

With new owners taking over the UFC, most would expect that UFC president Dana White, despite retaining his role as president, would be getting a little bit of a break following the transition.

ESPN is reporting that he’s getting a sweet deal with WME-IMG taking the majority stake in the company, but White said that he will be working more under the new regime, not less.

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Dana White“I’m stepping forward, I’m not stepping back,” White told KLAS in Las Vegas. “With Lorenzo leaving, it’s a lot more work for me. Lorenzo and I used to divide and conquer. With him gone, I’m going to have to pick up a lot of the stuff he used to do.”

Company CEO Lorenzo Fertitta will step down from his role and no longer be involved in day-to-day decisions, although he and his brother, Frank Fertitta III, will each maintain a minority stake in the company’s ownership.

White, according to KLAS, will also retain an ownership stake, although it will be below the nine percent that he currently owns. ESPN reported that White’s deal to remain as UFC president in charge of daily operations is a five-year deal which will see him receive nine percent of net profits.

When reached by MMAWeekly.com, UFC officials declined to comment.

White stands to pocket $360 million from his current nine-percent stake in the company when the $4 billion sale closes.

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