by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Over the past few weeks, Chael Sonnen has been airing some fairly controversial comments on everything from Anderson Silva to Mark Coleman to how to properly strategize or not strategize for a fight.

UFC president Dana White had his own take on the things that Sonnen has been saying recently, and he didn’t agree with much.

“I didn’t agree with probably 90 percent of the stuff he said,” White commented.

“He said there’s no such thing as a game plan. Really? That’s interesting, how do you figure that? There’s all these guys that pretend to know what they’re doing; you don’t want any corner men? You don’t come up with a game plan? Tell Randy Couture there’s no such thing as a game plan. Randy Couture won most of his fights off having incredible game plans.”

White went on to talk about Sonnen’s opinion of some of the people involved with mixed martial arts, and believes the Oregon native hasn’t seen the world of boxing up close to compare things.

“(He also said) most of the guys in this business are scumbags or something like that. That’s coming from a guy who’s never been in the boxing business,” said White. “I spent a lot of years in the boxing business. Coming here was a breath of fresh air. You deal with a lot of good people in this sport.”

The last topic to come up when the UFC president addressed Sonnen’s comments was his appearance on MMAWeekly Radio when he said that middleweight champion Anderson Silva spoke perfect English, but didn’t care for the media too much so he didn’t speak it to them.

White took an opportunity to take a jab at his own past experiences with his response.

“Pretty much everything he says sounds like my YouTube video rant: crazy and makes no sense,” White said in closing.

One thing that both White and Sonnen definitely have in common though is they will speak their mind, and give an honest opinion about whatever they are asked.