Dana White Quick Quote – Fighters Go It Alone

UFC President Dana White

UFC President Dana White

As much as fighters come together as a team to support each other, train together, push each other to new heights, when it comes time to step in the cage and put it all on the line, there is only one person that can tuck all that support in his back pocket and perform.

In team sports, it’s easy to pass the blame when something goes wrong, and everyone gets the glory when things go right. Not so in fighting. A fighter, at least publicly soars or comes crashing down all on his own inside that cage.

UFC president Dana White pontificated on just this thought recently, voicing his admiration for the pressure and scrutiny that fighters undergo:

The thing about fighting is this isn’t a team and we lose a game and we got a hundred more games this season and no big deal. As long as you play well, you’ll move on and do something else. Fighting is tougher than any other sport out there. It’s you, and only you, no matter how good your team is or who you got behind you. You go out there alone and you’re only as good as your last fight.

These guys overcome a lot of adversity. A lot of stuff happens throughout the years that people don’t know. I respect fighters so much and what they do and how they do it. It’s a tough business.