Dana White: President Trump Offered to Bring UFC Champions to the White House

January 18, 2018

UFC president Dana White will never hide the fact that he’s a supporter of President Donald Trump.

White spoke on behalf of President Trump ahead of the 2016 election when he appeared at the Republican National Convention and he’s remained an ally to the Republican since the election as well.

In fact, White says he still speaks with President Trump on a regular basis after they first struck up a friendship more than 15 years ago when the UFC put on shows in his hotels in Atlantic City.

“Since Trump has been the President of the United States, this guy has called me 15, 20 times,” White revealed when speaking to Boston Herald Radio this week ahead of UFC 220.

“I’m telling you he says some crazy things and he does some crazy things, he’s one of the most stand up human beings that I’ve ever dealt with in this business.”

According to White, the President has reached out to him over a number of issues including getting his support to battle the current Opioid crisis in the United States and perhaps partnering with the UFC on some sort of initiative.

White and President Trump have spoken about several other subjects as well but perhaps one of the more interesting topics directly related to the fighters in the UFC was the idea of bringing champions to the White House.

It’s common for championship teams from professional and college sports to visit the White House and receive congratulations from the President and it seems that White was asked about potentially adding UFC champions to that list.

“He called me to see if I wanted to start bringing UFC champions to the White House, you know how they do when someone wins the Super Bowl and stuff like that,” White said.

White didn’t reveal if he actually planned on bringing champions from the UFC to the White House to meet with President Trump but it appears the idea was at least floated during one of their conversations.

Is it time for UFC champions to join winners from the Super Bowl or the college football national championship game at the White House to meet the President? Only time will tell.