Dana White picks Tyron Woodley to KO Jake Paul in boxing match

UFC president Dana White spoke on the scheduled boxing match between former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and YouTube star turned professional boxer Jake Paul, and gave his prediction for the fight as well.

Speaking on former UFC fighter Mike Swick’s podcast, Real Quick with Mike Swick, White picked Woodley to be victorious against Paul and credited the latter for being willing to step into the ring with an adept striker like Woodley.

“Tyron Woodley has punching power, and obviously, he’s put a lot of dudes to sleep in his career,” White said to Swick. “Tyron Woodley doesn’t look like the Tyron Woodley of the past that was putting everybody to sleep. He hasn’t won a fight in three years. He’s going to be 40 years old. 

“But I will give it to [Paul]. At least he’s stepping in there with a guy who can punch [in Woodley].”

The UFC president also gave his prediction for the bout, which is slated to take place Aug. 28 at 190 pounds.

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Like his prediction for Paul’s last boxing match against UFC veteran and former Bellator and ONE welterweight champion Ben Askren, White again sided with the former UFC product in Woodley, and picked ‘The Chosen One’ to win by stoppage.

“I’d have to go with Woodley by knockout,” White said. “Listen man, Woodley should knock him out. But again, the Tyron Woodley you talk about that was the champ isn’t the same fucking guy he was four years ago.”

Since White assisted Askren ahead of his fight with Paul in April, giving Askren access to the UFC Performance Institute in his preparation for the fight, it will be interesting to see if White does the same with Woodley.