Dana White on Vince McMahon retiring from WWE: ‘I have nothing but respect for Vince’

Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO and chairman, Vince McMahon, recently announced his retirement amid an alleged sexual harassment payout controversy.

WWE and the Ultimate Fighting Championship are in the business of selling pay-per-views. One sells real fights while the other creates storylines with scripted outcomes. The product they sell couldn’t be more opposite, but the two promotions are competitors in the PPV market.

UFC president Dana White recently weighed in on McMahon’s departure from the sports entertainment company that McMahon grew into a PPV mainstay.

“What that guy built, and what he’s done is incredible,” White said during the Dana White Contender’s Series 1 Post-fight Press Conference on Tuesday.

“I watched that stuff as a kid, and still be doing it now – He’s phenomenal. He’s a killer. He’s buried the hatchet in my back a few times, but that’s what you’re dealing with. You don’t deal with a killer and not expect them to try to kill ya.”

McMahon’s relationship with White has been anything but stable throughout the years. Despite their conflict in personalities, White respects what McMahon was able to accomplish.

“I have nothing but respect for Vince, though,” White said.

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