Dana White on UFC 100 "All The Titles"

Along with popularity comes an exponential amount of rumor and speculation and the Ultimate Fighting Championship is no exception… by far. If anything, having such a hardcore following on the Internet only adds fuel to the speculative fires surround the MMA juggernaut.

Accordingly, UFC president Dana White spends a lot of his time answering questions about things that just aren’t true or at least haven’t even been considered yet. One such rumor has been regarding plans for the UFC’s century mark in numbered events.

There has been a lot of chatter on the boards lately that the UFC has planned to put all of their titles on the line at UFC 100… a true “Night of Champions” type of fight card.

Not true said White recently in England. He said that he has, “No ideas for UFC100,” but it’s not going to be a case of all five of the current weight classes putting titles on the line. That would just be too long of a night.

All UFC title bouts are five rounds of five minutes each. If you were to factor in that all five bouts could possibly go the distance that alone takes up most of the time alloted to a pay-per-view event, leaving little or no time for introductions, pre-fight hype, or instances where a fight may have to be put on hold for a doctor’s check or other unforseen circumstances.

In short… it ain’t gonna happen.