Dana White on the UFC’s future, fighter unions, Conor McGregor imitators, and more (video)

(Courtesy of Hashtag Sports)

UFC president Dana White was a keynote interview at the recent Hashtag Sports gathering. 

While the host immediately questioned White on the likelihood of a Tom Cruise vs. Justin Bieber MMA fight, they quickly shifted gears to more concrete topics, such as the UFC’s future. 

Having grown the company from a $2 million purchase to a $4 billion sale to WME-IMG, White and the Fertitta brothers set the UFC on one of the more surprising paths of growth in sports history. But what does the future hold? Has the UFC maxed out growth potential? 

White doesn’t think so. He also doesn’t think that the fighters will ever organize into the oft-debated labor union.

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White addressed these topics and a whole lot more in his Hashtag Sports keynote.