Dana White on Anderson Silva vs. GSP, “That Could be the Next Fight” (UFC Video)

Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre UFCThe speculation of an Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre superfight has floated out on the fringe for the past couple of years, but all of a sudden, talk of the fight actually becoming a reality has hit a fever pitch.

Even UFC president Dana White now says, “If Georges St-Pierre beats Carlos Condit (at UFC 154 in November), that could be the next fight.”

That’s no guarantee, and there is the matter of St-Pierre winning his fight and the details being hashed out, but White doesn’t talk about the fight as he had in the past, where it was some distant “wish list” type of dream. White now talks as if we’re on the cusp of it coming to fruition.

Check out UFC president Dana White’s comments from a recent UFC Tonight interview on the plausibility of an Anderson Silva vs. GSP superfight…