Dana White negative for Covid-19 after following Joe Rogan’s advice

December 4, 2021

UFC president Dana White won’t be at UFC Vegas 44. He is, however, clear of Covid-19 after following UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan’s treatment advice.

Though White has been vaccinated, he and his family contracted the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 following a Thanksgiving gathering. As soon as he realized he had Covid-19, White called Rogan, who recommended a treatment that included monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, a NAD drip, and a vitamin drip.

White followed Rogan’s advice, he told TMZ Sports. Within a day, he had his sense of smell back and was quickly feeling good. On Friday, five days after having tested positive, White tested negative for Covid-19, fully crediting his friend’s advice.

Why did Dana White listen to Joe Rogan about Covid-19 treatment?

Rogan hosts the most popular podcast in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience. He frequently talks at length with people that are experts in any number of fields. The pandemic and Covid-19 are a subject into which he has done a deep dive. He contracted the disease and overcome it himself, largely following the regimen that he encouraged White to follow.

“Joe Rogan is a brilliant guy and he talks to the most brilliant people out there. He studies, he does his homework on all this stuff, and it’s a fact that this works,” White told TMZ.

“Monday, I did what Rogan told me to do. Tuesday, I had my taste and smell back.”

White said that other members of his family followed the same treatment. All of them recovered as quickly as he did.

Though White tested negative on Friday, he said that his doctor – not Joe Rogan – recommended that he wait until Monday to go back to work. So, even though he is in the clear, White won’t be at the fights at UFC Vegas 44 on Saturday, where Rob Font and Jose Aldo square off in the bantamweight main event.

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Dana White is Covid-19 free thanks to Joe Rogan

(Video courtesy of TMZSports)