Dana White makes good, hires ex-Best Buy employee that went viral for stopping a thief

September 6, 2020

Remember Summer Tapasa? Of course you do! 

Tapasa is the former Best Buy employee that went viral after she stopped a would-be thief from escaping the Best Buy store that she worked at in Hawaii. That was in December of 2019. 

Shortly after the incident, Tapasa was let go of her job at Best Buy.

Remember when UFC president Dana White called BS on that move? Remember when he said he wanted to talk to Tapasa and offer her a job on Team UFC?

Well he did, and she has accepted.

In an Instagram video, White announced Tapasa’s employment, stating, “(Tapasa) is now a UFC employee. So all of you people thinking of f—ing around over here at the UFC, you’ll get your ass whooped by summer.”

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