Dana White Lays Out a Path to Conor McGregor vs. Georges St-Pierre

October 16, 2017

In the age of the “money fight,” it’s tough to avoid the possibility of a showdown between cash cow Conor McGregor and former pay-per-view king Georges St-Pierre.

McGregor has stated numerous times that he’s on board with the biggest fights that the UFC could offer him and he’s already competed in three different weight divisions since joining the promotion.

Meanwhile, St-Pierre makes his long awaited return to the Octagon in November after four years away, but during his previous run with the promotion, he was a massive draw who has said he wants to make history as he returns to fighting.

Put all those elements together and it seems like McGregor vs. St-Pierre could be one of the most lucrative fights in UFC history. It’s not out of the realm of possibility.

UFC president Dana White admitted during a recent interview with TSN that any potential McGregor vs. St-Pierre bout couldn’t take place until deep into 2018, but he also didn’t deny the possibility that it could happen.

“GSP would need to defend his title first at 185 [pounds] and Conor has some business to handle himself. It would be a year and a half down the road before we would even talk about that,” White said about the fight.

“Everybody’s intriguing for Conor McGregor. I mean, if you look at Conor McGregor at 145, 155 and 170 [pounds], everything is intriguing.”

The tease of such a massive bout between McGregor and St-Pierre probably has the owners behind the UFC salivating at the chance that this fight may happen one day.

While a lot would have to fall into place before fantasy could turn into reality, White knows that the UFC would have a huge promotion on its hands if McGregor was actually going to face St-Pierre.

In fact, White says right out of the gate that there are three possible landing spots for a fight of that magnitude and all of them make sense in one way or another.

“I don’t know where that would be,” White teased about a destination for McGregor vs. St-Pierre. “We could do it in Croke Park in Ireland, where there’s like 100,000 seats. You could do it here in Toronto, where we had 56,000 people, and you could do it in Vegas, which is always good, too.”

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Of course, White never fully committed to the idea, but given the star power that McGregor and St-Pierre carry, it’s impossible not to at least address the possibility.

McGregor has mentioned St-Pierre as a possible opponent in the future and there’s no denying the power he maintains to control the destiny of his career. As for St-Pierre, he’s stated that he never asks for fights against opponents from lower weight divisions, but he’s teased a move down to lightweight before and a match-up with McGregor would be massive.

For now, McGregor vs. St-Pierre remains a super fight with a lot of hurdles to clear before it could happen, but that hasn’t stopped McGregor before. Remember when Mayweather vs. McGregor was little more than a pipe dream?

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