Dana White: If the UFC is Going to Cowboys Stadium, GSP vs. Silva Is The Fight That Makes Sense

February 6, 2011

The UFC has long explored international options, but now they are looking at a homegrown option they haven’t done before. A stadium show.

Cowboys Stadium just outside of Dallas, Tex. has been on UFC President Dana White’s radar for some time, and he’s finally got a fight that could headline a megashow in a stadium that can hold over 80,000 fans at capacity.

“If there was ever a fight we’re going to do at Dallas Texas Stadium, this would be the fight,” White told MMAWeekly.com about Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre.

White believes that it’s inevitable that they do a stadium show, and Dallas seems to be the prime location.

“It makes sense that we’ll do a stadium show. It totally makes sense,” White said.

Having been in the stadium before, White has had his eye on Cowboys Stadium for a while now, and knew that bringing the UFC there would end up being one of the biggest shows ever.

“I went down there for the (Manny) Pacquiao fight when Pacquiao fought there. You guys have heard me for years talk about stadiums, when I saw that stadium I said ‘we can definitely do this’. It’s a great atmosphere down there for a fight,” White commented about Cowboys Stadium.

Of course several questions came in asking the UFC president about bringing GSP vs. Silva to Brazil or Canada, the home countries of each respective fighter. White believes that fans will travel from all over to see that fight if it happens, and he might even be surprised if Americans get to attend at all.

“We can put that fight anywhere. We can put that fight anywhere and people will travel to see this fight,” White stated. “We’d be lucky if an American could get a ticket to this fight because Canada is going to jump all over this thing.”

White did confirm that if they do St-Pierre vs. Silva it would be before the end of 2011, but first the UFC’s reigning welterweight champion has to get by Jake Shields first at UFC 129 in Toronto.

If that happens however, Texas fans might soon get a Texas sized super fight in their backyard.