Dana White: ‘If Roger Goodell Knew Ray Rice Did That, He Should Just Get Up and Leave’

September 11, 2014

Ray RiceNearly everyone by now has seen the despicable video of NFL star Ray Rice hitting and knocking out his then-fiancé-now-wife in an elevator. And nearly everyone has a strong opinion about what he did, and what the NFL did and didn’t do in response to it.

UFC president Dana White was asked about the situation on Fox Sports Live on Wednesday night and how it relates to the way the UFC treats such situations, especially in light his company’s recent reinstatement of Thiago Silva. Silva was involved in a domestic dispute with his estranged wife, but all charges were dropped, so he was allowed to return to the UFC.

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“Guys are gonna do stupid things… There’s one thing you never bounce back from: you never put your hands on a woman,” said White, who was also asked if he agreed with the people calling for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s head on a platter for not reacting appropriately at the appropriate time.

White obviously doesn’t know all the ins and outs of what Goodell knew or when he knew it, but he did have a strong opinion about the commissioner if he knew what was going on.

“If Roger Goodell saw that video, knew that was what happened, knew what Ray Rice did that to his wife or his fiancé; he should just get up and leave on his own.”

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