Dana White Hopes to Get Three More Fights Out of Daniel Cormier

November 19, 2018

UFC president Dana White has always said he’ll never tell a fighter to keep competing if they are contemplating retirement.

Well that might stand true for every other fighter on the roster but apparently White has a different way of thinking when it comes to reigning heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

Cormier has said that he plans to retire from fighting next March around his 40th birthday with the current timeline for his career allowing for one more contest, most likely against WWE superstar Brock Lesnar in early 2019.

White says nothing has been determined regarding Cormier’s next fight but he would like to see the two-division champion stick around for a while longer than he originally planned.

“We don’t know that either, yet,” White told TMZ about Cormier facing Lesnar next. “Cormier’s got a couple left in him.

“That was what I would obviously like to see — [Jon] Jones and Cormier fight again at heavyweight but right now Cormier’s team wants him to retire now. They want him to retire right now. I hope we can get three more fights out of him.”

Cormier has said he’s moved beyond his rivalry with Jones after two past fights against him and would happily retire without facing him again.

Jones has always stated that he’s not really interested in a trilogy with Cormier after two previous fights against them.

That said, White definitely seems interested in booking the third fight if he can convince Cormier to stick around beyond his March deadline.

Right now nothing has been determined regarding Cormier’s next fight with Lesnar just recently re-upping with WWE for at least five more months with plans for him to perform at WrestleMania in April. That doesn’t doesn’t mean Lesnar can’t fight in the UFC but it’s possible it could delay his return against Cormier but again nothing has been set in stone yet.