by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White hates the Showtime premium channel, and wants them out of the mixed martial arts promoting business.

“I really, really dislike these guys at Showtime. I really dislike them, and we’re going to fight until somebody goes away, and believe me when I tell you, it’s going to be them,” White told the media following UFC on Versus 1.

“This isn’t a thing whether it’s good or bad. This is a fight, and they started the fight with me. I didn’t start the fight. They did, and you know how I get. And that’s really what it’s all about.”

Asked about the Strikeforce promotion, White commented, “They’re a (expletive) joke. Showtime has always been a joke with all their sports programming, and this is no different.”

Despite his distain for Showtime, White has nothing against Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker. His fued is with the Showtime VP of Sports Programming.

“I don’t dislike Scott,” said the UFC president. “Unfortunately Scott’s caught in the middle of this thing. The guys at Showtime, and I shouldn’t even say the guys. There’s a guy there, and he’s a dick, and I don’t like him. And you guys know how I am, so it is what it is, and unfortunately Scott’s caught in the middle.”

White is talking about Showtime’s VP of Sports Programming Ken Hershman, and the rift goes back several years.

“Guys that are good promoters and do their thing, I respect them,” added White. “That’s why you don’t hear me say stuff about Coker. Coker ran some good shows and did some good things in his career, and I think when this whole thing implodes that Coker will be back up in his hometown putting on shows and making money like he always did.”