Dana White: Georges St-Pierre Not Headlining UFC 206

October 13, 2016

UFC president Dana White on Wednesday shot down hopes of a Georges St-Pierre comeback at UFC 206 in Toronto, declaring that Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson would headline the Dec. 10 fight card.

The fight between Cormier and Johnson had already been announced, but there were questions swirling that St-Pierre might return for that event. Being not only the most popular Canadian fighter in MMA history, but one of the most popular fighters globally, it would be a surprise if St-Pierre returned and was not the headliner.

Georges St PierreAsked by Cormier, who serves as co-host of UFC Tonight, who the main event would be at UFC 206, White on Wednesday responded, “You’re the main event. There shouldn’t be a TBD (to be determined designation) above you (on the website).”

Cormier is obviously happy to hold the top slot, but also a little discouraged because, as a champion, he gets an additional bonus based on how many pay-per-view buys the event sells. Any fight card that features the return of the greatest welterweight champion in UFC history would be accompanied by a surge in PPV purchases, meaning Cormier would make more money. It’s a fact not lost on him.

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“I don’t know if that’s good news or bad news, I was kind of hoping that Georges St-Pierre would be fighting,” Cormier joked. “I don’t know if that’s good news or bad news boss.”

If White is correct, it is bad news, not only for Cormier’s pocketbook, but also for fans awaiting St-Pierre’s return. Although the Canadian superstar has said that he is ready to return if the deal is right, White is adamant that St-Pierre doesn’t have the desire that he believes is necessary to get back in the cage.

“I know guys that wanna fight,” said White. “He’s not one of them.”

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