Dana White: Floyd Mayweather Refused World Tour Stop in Dublin

The recently completed World Tour to promote Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor hit three countries and four cities over four days, but there was one locale conspicuously left off the list.

Despite McGregor’s huge fan following in his native Dublin, Ireland, the World Tour’s closest stop to home for the UFC champion came last Friday when the show wrapped up in London, England.

According to UFC president Dana White, he pushed for a tour stop in Ireland along with McGregor, but that was the one place Mayweather and his team absolutely refused to go.

“We wanted to do this World tour, obviously we talked about going to Texas, too, and Dublin made a lot of sense, but there’s no way Floyd was going to go to Dublin,” White explained recently.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Toronto Face-OffWhite says he spoke directly to Mayweather’s manager and advisor Al Haymon, who passed along the message that there would be no World Tour stop in McGregor’s hometown.

“I talked to Al Haymon about it. [He said] yeah, we’re not going to Dublin,” White said with a laugh.

As much as McGregor probably would have enjoyed sharing the moment with his home audience, he certainly wasn’t hurting for applause while appearing in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, and London.

Everywhere McGregor landed, he was by far the fan favorite with Mayweather being bombarded by jeers from the crowd and that would have only ratcheted to an entirely new level had they gone to Ireland.

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White definitely wanted to do the stop in Dublin, but at the same time, he doesn’t exactly blame Mayweather for his hesitancy for facing McGregor on his home turf.

“We’re in London and this is hostile territory for [Mayweather] right now,” White said. “Imagine if we were in Dublin. I mean that guy’s gotta go stay at a hotel somewhere, get in a car and drive somewhere.

“I wouldn’t go to Dublin either if I was him. I don’t blame him.”

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