Dana White fires back at Aljamain Sterling after press conference comments

May 23, 2023

Dana White is surprised that Aljamain Sterling was offended by his press conference comments.

During an interview with Amy Kaplan, White expressed his frustration.

“I’m not the one that went out and said, ‘If my body holds up,’ when I’m promoting a fight. If you’re not healthy, don’t take the fight,” White said of Sterling after hearing that the bantamweight champion feels White doesn’t give him the credit he deserves. “We’ll have somebody else fight, we’ll do somebody else for the interim title. Don’t say you’re going to go out and fight and then start saying stuff like, ‘If my [body holds up].’ What’s the first thing that happened? As soon as I was at the press conference, I was asked, ‘Is Aljamain Sterling really going to fight or not?’ Is that what you want the fans thinking? How is that me not giving him credit?”

This comes after Sterling put out a response to White’s comments at a post-fight press conference.

“You put me in this situation and you make it sound as if you want me to be the bad guy, tell me behind closed doors. I’ll play the character, but get me in on the joke. But not when you’re going to keep doing this stuff, making me look like a b****. Like, nah, bro, you’re not going to keep doing that to me, dog. Get the f*** out of here. Dana, get out of here with that. I’ve done everything the UFC has asked me to do — two partially torn biceps, went through two training camps like that, fought through them, beat Petr Yan, former champion. [I] beat TJ Dillashaw, former champion,” Sterling said on his YouTube channel. “And then you’ve got Henry Cejudo, ‘the greatest combat athlete of all-time,’ I beat this guy, also with a partially torn bicep tendon. I got stem cells. Every time they have asked me to fight, I put my nuts on the table and I showed out every single time and won. At what point do I get credit from the UFC, from Uncle Dana?”

This squabble doesn’t seem to be cooling off anytime soon.