Dana White Explains Why Deal with Netflix Fell Through

UFC president Dana White had a hit on his hands last year with his new reality series “Lookin’ For a Fight” where he traveled around the world searching for the next crop of fighters to compete inside the Octagon.

The series features White alongside former welterweight champion Matt Serra as well as retired fighter turned coach Din Thomas as they get into all sorts of misadventures before checking out fighters on the regional mixed martial arts scene.

The series got so popular that the series was picked up by Netflix last year, but then suddenly no episodes ever appeared on the popular streaming service.

Now White has finally revealed what happened when speaking to former UFC fighter Mike Swick on his podcast.

“I was doing a deal with Netflix, we ended up doing a deal with YouTube,” White said. “Netflix wanted me to do too many f–king shows. I’m not a television f–king host.

“They wanted too many shows out of me. I couldn’t do it. I would have never been able to honor it.”

White has continued to churn out his “Lookin’ for a Fight” series as time allows but he’s certainly been rather busy over the past year.

While Netflix didn’t ultimately land White’s reality show, there’s always an outside chance the streaming giant could get into business with the UFC as they continue negotiations for their new TV deal in 2019.

White has said that he’s open to working with a streaming service like Netflix or perhaps Amazon so anything seems possible over the next year until the broadcast deal is competed.

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