Dana White Doesn’t Care if Georges St-Pierre Has a Hundred Good Lawyers

In October, former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre announced that he was a free agent and no longer under UFC contract. The fight promotion immediately released a statement saying St-Pierre remained under contract. 24 hours after the UFC’s statement, St-Pierre’s lawyer, James Quinn, told ESPN, “Our position is the contract is terminated.”

Days later, middleweight champion Michael Bisping tweeted that he had verbally agreed to face St-Pierre at UFC 206 in Toronto. St-Pierre then released a video on Twitter explaining that he couldn’t come to terms with the UFC and there wouldn’t be a superfight against Bisping.

Georges St-Pierre and Dana White“Nothing would make me more happy in the world than to fight you in Toronto, Michael,” St-Pierre said in the video. “Last week, I met with Ari and I made peace with Dana. I tried to resolve things, but unfortunately right now, it’s not happening. Hopefully, things will change soon. Thank you.”

In an interview with Michael Landsberg last week, White said St-Pierre fighting at UFC 206 was never close to coming to fruition.

“We weren’t close at all to GSP fighting at UFC 206,” said White.

“GSP and I got together in Vegas and then we got together again in New York. It’s impossible not to like Georges St-Pierre, he’s a great guy,” added the UFC president. “I have Georges St-Pierre under contract, and I’m not opposed to giving him more money, but it has to be reasonable.”

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In the interview, White reiterated that St-Pierre was under UFC contract and could not fight for another promotion.

“He’s definitely not free to fight elsewhere,” said White. “I don’t care if he’s got a hundred good lawyers.”

There could be a legal battle brewing if the two sides are unable to come to terms.

“I guess we’ll find out who’s right and who’s wrong, won’t we,” said White.

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