Dana White Defends UFC Crushing the Competition, Has No Problem with Bellator

Dana White

The UFC and company president Dana White have garnered a reputation over the years for crushing the competition… or at least buying them out.

Cases in point: Affliction, Strikeforce, Pride, WEC, WFA, etc.

Other promotions have fallen to the wayside in the long shadow cast by the MMA juggernaut; the IFL and EliteXC chief among them.

White, however, says it’s typically not a case of the UFC going on the offensive with other fight promotions… at least not until they get poked with a stick. Despite some legal wrangling, which is fairly normal in business, he points to Bellator as a prime example of a promotion that the UFC is happy to co-exist with.

“You never heard me say a bad thing about them. I have no beef with them whatsoever. They’re doing their thing and we’re doing our thing,” said White.

“I’ve went after the promotions that come after me. When you come out and you talk a bunch of (expletive), talk about our company and how we’re doing business, and how you’re gonna take us down and you’re gonna beat us; now you’ve picked a fight. And now we’re gonna fight until somebody wins and somebody loses.”

White has never been afraid to admit that he can be your best friend or your worst enemy with little time for those that fall somewhere in the middle. But he currently doesn’t appear to have any issues with Bellator, the next best contender to the UFC now that Strikeforce is under the same roof and is on course to be swallowed up by the UFC.

“The people from Bellator have never said anything about us. I have nothing to say about them either. They’re out there. They’re doing their thing. Good for them.”

Boxing promoter Bob Arum… now that’s another story altogether.