Dana White Confirms Nick Diaz Won’t be Fighting at UFC 235

December 30, 2018

UFC president Dana White announced that Nick Diaz would return to the octagon at UFC 235 on March 2 to face Jorge Masvidal. During the UFC 231 post-fight press conference on Dec. 8, White reiterated that the fight between Diaz and Masvial was still on.

“As far as I know, sitting right here right now, that fight’s on,” White said.

On Dec. 17, Diaz told ESPN via text message that he never agreed to face Masvidal. The 35-year-old said that he’s focused on other businesses at the moment, but indicated that he does plan to return at some point.

“As soon as I am in a good place with what I’m working on and things look the way it should, I’ll be happy to give the fans what they need. But I think they will be okay for now with what’s out there. There aren’t any fights for me until someone stands out,” Diaz said.

“I’ll fight if they can be more reasonable, but, really, I didn’t even talk about what it would or could [take]. They are the one’s tripping.”

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On Saturday, during the UFC 232 post-fight press conference, White confirmed that Diaz would not be facing Masvidal in March, affirming the fighter’s recent stance.

“I think that’s pretty clear,” White said.  “All you’ve got to do is watch his Instagram.  I don’t think it looks like he’s training for a fight. No, (that fight is not happening).”