Dana White confirms Colby Covington gets the next shot at welterweight champ Kamaru Usman

Colby Covington spent a lot of time in Las Vegas this past week campaigning for his long awaited title shot and now he’s going to get it.

Just minutes after Kamaru Usman dominated Tyron Woodley to become the new UFC welterweight champion, he already had his next opponent lined up.

In fact, Usman had barely left the Octagon before he was already in a shouting match with Covington, who was sitting cage side with his own title while wearing a t-shirt that said ‘People’s Champ’ across the front.

During the co-main event between Usman and Woodley, UFC president Dana White could be seen going over to talk to Covington and it turns out he was telling the outspoken welterweight contender to calm down because the title shot was his.

“There was a lot of ruckus over there in his area,” White said about why he approached Covington cage side. “He almost got into it with Mama Woodley at one point. That was like the third time I went over to him that night.

“I just told him ‘listen, you’re going to get this title shot, don’t f—k this up, just relax. You and all your guys relax, if anything goes down let our people handle it and we’re going to take you in the back in a little while and do some interviews’. That’s all I said to him.”

White then confirmed Covington will get the first shot at Usman and the welterweight title later this year.

Covington has gone on a very public campaign for the title shot after he was passed over in favor of Usman, who then went onto win the title in a lopsided performance over Woodley.

As for the new champion, Usman needed no convincing to get him on board for the fight with Covington after calling out the American Top Team fighter for the better part of the last 18 months.

“I want to f—k that guy up so bad,” Usman said. “I can’t be in a room with that guy. I can’t be in a room with him. I can’t wait to be healed up and really get to put my hands on him. That’s one I’m going to enjoy brutalizing him.”

First things first, Usman has to heal up after revealing that he went into his fight on Saturday night with a fracture in his left foot. Once that injury is healed, Usman is already itching for the chance to silence Covington once and for all while putting his welterweight title on the line for the first time.