Dana White Confirms Brock Lesnar Will Return to the UFC to Face Daniel Cormier

Brock Lesnar is back.

The former heavyweight champion made quite an appearance on Saturday night at UFC 226, as he walked into the Octagon to confront Daniel Cormier just moments after he became a simultaneous two-division champion with a first-round knockout against Stipe Miocic.

Cormier and Lesnar had to be separated after the WWE superstar shoved the new UFC heavyweight champion while they exchanged words in the cage.

Following the event, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Lesnar is officially returning to the UFC for a fight against Cormier in the near future.

“Yeah, we’re definitely going to make that fight,” White said about Cormier vs. Lesnar. “Lesnar hit me up a couple days ago and says, ‘Sorry I went dark on you, I had some stuff I had to take care of, but I’m going to come to the fight this weekend.’ Okay, see you Saturday. He came here tonight, he was all fired up, if you couldn’t tell. Right when he got to my seat to the side, he was acting like a lunatic. He was fired up and excited for this fight.

“His gut told him Stipe because he felt that Cormier put too much weight on for this fight, he felt it was going to affect him. It didn’t.”

Brock Lesnar Must Still Clear WWE and USADA Hurdles

The only obstacles standing in the way right now would be Lesnar’s current situation with USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) and his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

According to White, Lesnar has already given USADA notice to re-enter the drug testing pool for the UFC and his name should appear on the testing list released by the agency as early as next week.

Daniel Cormier and Brock LesnarLesnar still has to serve out the remainder of a suspension he faced after a previous failed drug test surrounding his last fight at UFC 200, but he already has to undergo six months of testing after returning from retirement. The suspension would run parallel to the testing window, so Lesnar could return as early as six months from now.

“So the process has started, they started the process last week,” White said about Lesnar. “I don’t know where they are in the process, but he’s going to pop up on the board here soon, Monday or Tuesday. I don’t know where they are in the process.”

In terms of his current situation with WWE, Lesnar had reportedly re-upped with the professional wrestling organization on a short-term deal that would run through the summer.

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While there’s no official confirmation on that timeline, White says that Lesnar has already cleared everything with WWE that will allow him to return to the UFC and face Cormier with the heavyweight championship on the line.

“He’s free and clear to do this fight,” White said about Lesnar’s situation with WWE. “Him and Vince [McMahon] have a good relationship. He’s not going to do anything to piss Vince off. I don’t know the specifics but he’s good.”

If Lesnar has re-entered the drug testing pool, that means he would be eligible to fight again as early as January 2019 for the showdown against Cormier in the UFC.