Dana White Confident Eddie Alvarez Will Stay with UFC, Targeting Rematch with Dustin Poirier

UFC president Dana White absolutely plans on keeping former champion Eddie Alvarez on the roster.

Just recently Alvarez had stated that he didn’t plan on fighting again until he got a new contract with the UFC with only one bout remaining on his current deal.

White says that there was some miscommunication between what Alvarez wanted and what his manager was telling the UFC, which is why a new deal hadn’t been struck after previous negotiations stalled out.

White finally got a chance to meet with Alvarez this week in Philadelphia and it appears the two sides are expected to find a middle ground so a new deal can be signed.

“I saw that thing came out from Eddie saying ‘the UFC’s playing games’ and all that. I called Eddie and said Eddie, there’s no games,” White explained when speaking to the “UFC Unfiltered” podcast. “His manager literally told us that he wanted to fight his contract out and check around, see how much he can get. I said you guys said you wanted to fight your contract out, now I see that you’re saying you’re not fighting without a new contract.

“So those types of situations are always better when you sit down face to face so we got together that morning in Philly, talked some s–t about the Celtics and the 76ers and then we talked. It was a great meeting. I feel like it was a really good meeting. So I have a really good feeling we’ll get something done with Eddie and get this fight with him and [Dustin] Poirier going.”

While nothing is a done deal yet, the UFC has been targeting a rematch between Alvarez and Poirier for the upcoming UFC on FOX 30 card in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on July 28 with the lightweight matchup expected to serve as the main event.

Alvarez and Poirier met last year but the fight ended in a controversial no contest after two rounds. Following a blistering start from Poirier, Alvarez came back in the second round but then blasted the Louisiana native with a pair of illegal knee strikes that put a stop to the contest.

Referee Herb Dean then declared the fight a no contest and it appears the UFC is interested in settling that matter once and for all with a rematch.

For now, the UFC and Alvarez will continue to talk in hopes of hammering out a new contract so hopefully the main event fight with Poirier can come together for July.